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Parallel Lines

Meet Our Team

Who We Are

We are a team of four interdisciplinary postsecondary students, whose disciplines span psychology, general management, medical sciences, and food sciences, initiating this novel service through their work with the Presidents’ Student Leadership program at the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba.


Kevin Prada

Student- University of Manitoba

Kevin Prada is a psychology honours student at the University of Manitoba, whose research focuses on marginalized populations, namely 2SLGBTQ and official language minority populations in Canada. Through the lens of intersectionality, he is interested in investigating the compounding minority identities that affect each person's unique experiences and needs, to level systemic inequity and favour each person's wellbeing. He intends to pursue graduate studies in clinical psychology, aiming to serve queer youths and other marginalized populations, in a trauma-informed clinical

Aman Mir

Student- University of Manitoba

Aman Mir is pursuing Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree program at the University of Manitoba. He is enrolled in the Asper’s Co-operative Education Program and completed his last co-op work term at Deloitte LLP. Aman has served as an Executive Member of both University of Manitoba Finance Organization and the Association of International Management Students. He also had the privilege to lead as a Student Leader Manager at the International College of Manitoba and as the International Engagement Coordinator for the Commerce Students’ Association at the Asper School of Business.


Saeid Maghsoudi

Student- University of Manitoba

Saeid Maghsoudi is a master graduate of Medicinal Chemistry from Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, Iran. He started his program at the department of physiology and pathophysiology in winter 2021 as a PhD student, working on babies who are suffering from lack of oxygen shortly after birth. Saeid enjoys playing with children, listening to people, and reading spiritual books in his personal life. He is passionate about the wellness and happiness of his community.


Thilini Dissanayake

Student- University of Manitoba

Thilini Dissanayake is a first year PhD student from the Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba, Canada. Her PhD research work aims at developing protein and lipid based nanodelivery systems to enhance the bioavailability of bioactive compounds.  As a graduate student, she wants to develop herself as a leader who can positively impact. Thilini has already started to prepare herself for that, by involving several leadership roles  where the participating in President’s Student Leadership Program is one of them.

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