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Parallel Lines


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A Listening Ear is based on the idea of peer support: the availability of an open and listening ear is, although easy to provide, an invaluable source of human connection, compassion, and empathy. This is not counselling, therapy, intervention, or anything other than the simple offer of an actively listening ear, for any good or difficult things folks may want to share about in this anonymous avenue.


We will offer, within key high traffic environments in Winnipeg, for example the Forks or other high traffic parks or postsecondary campuses, the opportunity for passers by to share, and to connect with a caring and empathetic stranger. With a quick prompt, a simple hello, and an invitation to share whatever may be on the person’s mind, good, difficult, or anything in between, we will provide a source of much needed, yet informal support to any and all. At the very least, passersby will receive a warm hello and a smile, which, in and of itself, is therapeutic, and provides human connection. Furthermore, our core team, together, speaks a total of 8 languages above English, allowing us to bridge the linguistic gap and serve folks in many often-neglected languages. 

As we will not be equipped to offer an advice, counselling, or feedback, but will only be able to offer a listening ear, an online directory will be available in English, through a QR code, for folks needing more intensive or concerted supports to have access to these online. This online database will be available 24-7 and will separate listed services according to domain, spanning mental health supports (both formal and self-help), sexual health, physical health, housing, food, and any other social supports folks may need. Hence, once we have engaged with someone who may have needs of more intensive supports than what we can offer, we will direct them to this online directory to seek out formal supports according to their needs.

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